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Marco Zanon is a proud Venetian who works as a Gondolier in Venice.

He loves his city and is always doing all he can to help preserve her treasures, highlighting problems whenever possible.

Armed with a camera he often takes pictures of moments and even parts of the city the normal public might not easily get to see.

With our photo galleries we are trying to help him spread his word beyond the boundaries of the Italian language about a Venice that's getting ever so rapidly corroded by the increasing pollution, often abandoned to herself to deal with a daily assault of more tourists than she was ever intended for.

Marco, who is daily witnessing the slow demise of this great city is left with little but his photos to try and arise some awareness from the general public, private professionals who like us brought this to you, or anyone at all that can somehow.. help a beaten up Venice that badly needs help!

You can enjoy many of his photos right on this very site, however the main bulk of his work (photos and local newspaper clippings) can be found on his facebook account.

Feel free to visit him there.

Please remember to tell someone you know about a Venice that needs help.

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